The Little-Known Green Glove Award


The San Francisco Giants receive the 2015 Green Glove Award Photo:

When talking about awards given in baseball, we often think of the Golden Glove, Silver Slugger, or Cy Young. A 2014 article from Artemia talks about not only the San Francisco Giants World Series win, but their less celebrated 2014 MLB Green Glove award. This little-known accolade is bestowed upon the team with the highest recycling rates and in 2013 the Giants kept 86% of waste generated by AT&T Park out of landfills. Under Commissioner Bud Selig, the Green Glove award was created in 2006 by MLB in concert with the National Resources Defense Council in order to promote sustainability.

The Green Glove award is hardly publicized. I’m not even sure it was given in 2015 as the Giants seem to have won it every year since its inception. Major League Baseball is missing out on a huge opportunity and could easily start events at all thirty ball parks that spotlight sustainability practices and encourage fans to recycle so their favorite team can win the Green Glove. Additionally, there is a great opportunity for NFL, NBA, and NHL teams to institute similar initiatives in order to not only encourage fans to recycle in stadiums, but also at home.

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